As a content agency versed in B2B and B2C, we craft sleek digital content ecosystems ensuring your story hits the mark every time. On results? We’re in sync, delivering on the very KPIs you prioritize in your paid media ventures, including CPI, CPA, CAC, and ROAS.

Who We Are

Commitment and Experience

Built on over 15 years of profound expertise in writing, broadcasting, and production, our foundation rests on the belief that brands flourish through communication strategies rooted in deep, compelling and authentic content. Our linguistic prowess spans English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Lic. Magdalena Cash

Digital Director

Mg. Damián Frydman

Editorial Director

Digital Journalistic Innovation Award of the Year from Fopea and Google

Eikon de oro

Best Municipal Political Communication

Adepa Digital Journalistic
Innovation Award

Our Services

Branding & performance

By designing digital content ecosystems that resonate deeply, we cultivate connections and drive substantial results. Leveraging paid media campaigns, our approach tailors unique and result-driven branding solutions, ensuring your voice stands tall in the crowded digital landscape.


Multiformat Content

Developing narratives that span a rich tapestry of mediums, delivering immersive and engaging experiences.

Social Media

Building communities using content aligned with your audience’s interests.


Penning insightful articles that foster value
and elevate your brand’s visibility.

E-Mail Marketing

Creating personalized engagements
to nurture and captivate your audience.

Influencer Marketing

Amplifying your brand voice authentically
through influential partnerships.

Paid Media Campaigns

Strategically using paid media to enhance campaign reach, ensuring precise targeting of your content.

Our Portfolio

Dive into the transformative power of strategic storytelling combined with paid media strategies.

Connect with Us

Let’s develop narratives that resonate deeply
and reach widely.


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